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How to customize your home screen.

Below I have added pictures & a video step-by-step how to customize your home screen and add your own icons.

  1. Go to google

  2. Search for the type of icon that you want

  3. Select the icon, and then hold down on it and hit add to photos

  4. Go back to your home screen, and search for the app called Shortcuts and open it

  5. Click the + symbol in the top right corner

  6. Type in the name of the app at the top and then click open app

  7. Then the screen is going to change over and then click the word app

  8. Scroll down until you the app you want and click on it, you should see the app name added to the page

  9. Click on the blue circle in the right top corner

  10. Click add to Home Screen

  11. Click on the smaller icon at the bottom

  12. Click choose photo

  13. Click choose at the bottom

  14. Click add

And you're done. The app will add itself to your home screen.

I hope this was helpful. Don't forget to follow my IG page: @summerof_93 Comment any suggestions! Have a good day!

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